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Late Model Auto Parts in Kansas City offers several different services for your automotive needs. Check out all we have to offer.


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We regularly offer salvage title vehicles for sale. If you are needing a quick and affordable vehicle check our for sale inventory.

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Eighteen years ago, here at Late Model Auto Parts, a very small group of employees banded together to fight for the right to improve the recycled industry, to beat the competition and have a good time doing it, and we’ve fought hard to strengthen it every day since. Here at Late Model Auto Parts, we ask four things of our employees every day: work hard, have fun, take care of each other, and take care of our customers. We call it the “Late Model Auto Parts Family”. Experience the difference for yourself, and let us put our service and expertise to work for you.

Client Testimonials

We order lots of hard to find specialty parts.  Their national locator service is the best we found in the whole country.  They find the parts quick and the parts work.

John Mika

Owner, Venus Auto Body Shop

We have always sourced our parts from Late Model Auto Parts. We love the laid back family atmosphere, low prices and the way they get us parts so quickly. Great work.

Shane Peter

Manager, Dr. Ron's Auto Repair

We use to order parts from another recycler. They wouldn’t pick up the phone and acted like they were too busy to help you. Late Model staff is nice and they really appreciate our business.

Pancho Hall

Owner, Hall's Goodyear

Why Salvaged Parts?

Salvaged auto parts refer to used car parts that have been removed from wrecked or damaged vehicles and then reconditioned for reuse in other vehicles. These parts are also commonly known as recycled, reconditioned, or refurbished parts.

There are many reasons why salvaged auto parts are a popular choice for car owners and mechanics. Firstly, they are much cheaper than new parts, which makes them a cost-effective option for repairing a vehicle. Additionally, salvaged parts are often readily available, which means that repairs can be completed quickly, with minimal downtime for the vehicle.

Salvaged auto parts can be sourced from a variety of places, including salvage yards, auto dismantlers, and even online marketplaces. When purchasing salvaged parts, it is important to ensure that the parts are in good condition and have been properly reconditioned. It is also important to verify that the parts will be compatible with the make and model of the vehicle that they will be used in.

Some of the most commonly salvaged auto parts include engines, transmissions, doors, fenders, hoods, and bumpers. These parts can be reconditioned in a variety of ways, including cleaning, sandblasting, and repainting. Some parts may also need to be refurbished through welding or other repair techniques.

One of the benefits of using salvaged auto parts is that it can help reduce waste and promote sustainability. By reusing parts that would otherwise be discarded, we can reduce the environmental impact of the automotive industry. Additionally, salvaged auto parts can help keep older vehicles on the road for longer, which can reduce the number of new cars that need to be manufactured.

In conclusion, salvaged auto parts offer a cost-effective and sustainable solution for repairing vehicles. While there are some risks associated with using salvaged parts, such as compatibility issues and the potential for faulty parts, these can be mitigated by purchasing from reputable sources and carefully inspecting the parts before installation. Overall, salvaged auto parts are a valuable resource for car owners and mechanics alike.

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